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Easy, Latex Free SFX Cuts Tutorial Another tu…

Easy, Latex Free SFX Cuts Tutorial

Another tutorial for Halloween! This one is for simple cuts using only paint – no latex, wax, or even fake blood. Steps are below the cut to the cut (get it? ‘cuz it’s a… *ducks tomatoes*). I used costume paint from Party City for these, so they should be accessible for all regardless of budget or experience!

Colors needed for cuts : black, red, white, (maybe blue)

1. Draw a line of red and blend it out where you want the cut. 

2. Draw a thin line of red. (You can stop here for a scratch that doesn’t break the skin.)

3. Carefully draw a line of black on one side of the cut. 

4. Get some white on the edge of your brush and dab it along the cut, opposite the black line.

5. Go over the line again with your bright red. If you want, you can extend it to show bleeding. 

That’s it! From there you can experiment with size, color, etc. In the picture below, I started with black on the middle cut and added the red on top (makes it very defined). For the one on my hand, I made the edges less defined and used blue instead of red to create the line from step 2 (it looks more like a rope burn).

Following the same steps also works for larger cuts. 

Steps 1-2 have one difference: Leave a clean, thin outline around the cut instead of blending out the red. This gives the impression of raised skin.

3. Add your black to one side; if your cut is jagged, remember that the black still goes on only one side of those edges.

4. Tap on the black with your finger or use a brush to blend it into the red just a little. Then use a tiny bit of white for highlights.

Painting Horns Tutorial


As requested! The tutorial steps are under the cut.


I don’t make many tutorials so this was also an experiment in using gifs (which was not particularly successful, so sorry if they’re hard to see!).

I used a cream based makeup for this because it’s inexpensive (what you’ll find at most Halloween or party stores) and easy to blend. If you want your horns to last through a Halloween party, however, you will need some quality barrier spray. Cream makeup will not survive sweat or bobbing for apples.

1. Outline the shape you want using white eyeliner. If the outline is messy that’s ok; you can wipe away stray marks and we’re filling in the middle anyway. (Hint: To make both sides sit evenly on your face, hold a pencil/brush against your nose.)


2. Fill in your outline. If you want them bigger or smaller, now’s the time to expand the outline or use a q-tip to wipe away excess.


3. Draw a circle wrapping around the base of your horn. Use a brown that’s several shades darker than your skin so it stands out.


4. Blend it out, but not all the way. You’re spreading out the paint to create a shadow, which helps the illusion of raised/sunken skin. The circle you drew should remain darker than the skin around it. ONLY blend below the horn and slightly to the side.


5. Draw two lines under your circle, leaving space between them. This shows where the horn is “embedded” under your skin. Don’t make them higher than the base of your horn – you can see me make that mistake in the image below.


6. Mistakes are easy to fix. Wet a q-tip and erase the spot, or, as shown, dab some foundation on top of it and blend. You can also go back in with the brown and darken the shadow closest to the base of the horn, or use white to erase stray brown marks from the horn itself.


7. Add grey shadow to the base of the horn, right against the brown base, to show depth where the horns meet your skin. Add another shadow on the inside curve of your horn, depending on the shape: mine curve inward, so I painted grey on the sides closest to my nose.


8. Brighten the outer edge of your horn with more white (if needed). Outline the horns in black.


9. Clean up your edges and any mistakes with a q-tip or extra paint, then set the whole thing with powder and/or spray. Embellish as desired!


[Both horns visible in top image if you want a front view!]

Venetian Mask Tutorial

Bring the Venice Carnival to Halloween! Tutorial steps under the cut.

Optional Prep: Use primer to even out your skin and help the paint stick where it should.

Step 1: Paint your face and neck white. Make sure you powder between layers. I used a cream paint, so it took quite a few layers to get the color even.

Step 2: Use a brighter color across your eyes, taking up about an inch over your brow and under your eyes. Don’t drag the brush – pat it on. Otherwise you’ll streak the white.

Step 3: Use a darker shade of your color in the middle, across the bridge of your nose, over your brows, and under your eyes. Blend it into the lighter color.

Step 4: Create eye “holes” by painting black around your eyes. Follow the line of your brow and nose as guidelines. 

Step 5: Paint the lighter color along your jaw line over your face, and the darker color under your jawline to define it.

Step 6: Use the reverse side of your brush to create guidelines on your face.

Step 7: Follow your guidelines with metallic gold (or color of your choice). Then outline your eyes with gold; if you have thick brows like mine, taking the gold up into your eyebrows helps disguise them.

Step 8: Paint your lips with the darker color. The shape is important here to get the mask effect: you need to underpaint them, like drawing a heart over your actual lips.

Wrap a scarf around your head, add a fancy hat, and you’re off to the ball!

Tis the season – for tutorials?

Halloween is coming! I’m thinking of doing a couple tutorials for makeup. Is there a particular look you want to see, or a technique you’re interested in? I can do:

– gore with latex and/or wax (slit throat, deep injuries, burns, frostbite)
– gore with only paint (scratches, scars, bruises)
– colorful fantasy makeup (fairies, mermaids, elves)
– crossplay
– classic monsters (mummy, witch, demon, etc.)
– sculpt, mold, apply small appliances (horns, scars, etc)

Seeking contour tips for all skin tones

My dear friend @nocturnevulgaire and I want to run a workshop on cosplay contouring for all skin tones. Anyone have good resources or suggestions on contouring and/or matching skin? Especially very dark skin.

ink-pedia: Hey guys, what’s up? After some que…


Hey guys, what’s up? After some questions on how to decide to get a tattoo, I decided to make this post. Temporary tattoos can help you make a decision and are really easy to make at home. I’ll show you how to step by step with a tattoo I recently got. 

1. You’ll need Water Slide Decal Paper‎
You can find a sheet for $2.50 (like on ebay), any place that sells printer stuff or craft stores. 

2. Choose your design
If you can draw you can use your own design, find a similar design of what you want, you can even use vector images or photos, anything really. I usuallly use Photoshop to make my edits. Remember when you print it the design will be backwards.

3. Print it!
Because printers are bitches, mine came all wrong, but luckly I bought two sheets. The design needs to be printed on the adhesive part, not the matte one.


4. Spray the whole sheet with Gloss Varnish
Do it under a newspaper or something you don’t mind getting dirty. Let it dry for at least 24h. The varnish helps the ink hold into the paper and don’t get smudged. 


5. Cut it
The more close to the drawing the better (don’t make this lazy cut like me hahaha)


6. Time to apply!
Place on your skin and apply water. I used a wet piece of cotton (you can use a paper towel or cloth) and press for a few seconds against the skin. Remove carefully the paper so you’ll be sure the design is all on your skin. 


This is the result. For me it lasted only a day, but I had to rub the rest off with soap to get it all out. Some people say it can last for a week. 


This is the real stuff. I gave my artist the references I printed and he designed it his own way. And that’s about it! I hope you guys like and if you have other suggestions of how to or any questions let me know. For more pics of my tattoos you can follow me on instagram (v0dkah). And please, don’t copy tattoos, this is simply to help you decide what and where to get your future tattoos 💖

I’m hosting a fairy makeup/photoshoot day in a…

I’m hosting a fairy makeup/photoshoot day in a couple weeks, so I’ve been busy designing some accessories. 

Top: ½ wing, ready to be covered in cellophane (once the other half is done) based on this excellent tutorial: 

Bottom: Ear cuffs – dark elf, wood elf, high elf based on a combo of this tutorial and one I can’t find (only difference is that the visible top piece is long and curved instead of short and straight across: 1)





jess-herrlein:I share the most awaited video! …


I share the most awaited video! It’s a “time-lapse” preview of my Pennywise makeup process! This makeup takes me 3 hours to make it… Then I will upload to my YouTube channel “JL Cosplay Labs” the complete video with the explanatory step by step! With English subtitles so everyone can see it 🤗
So please subscribe to my channel (JL Cosplay Labs), I’m going to start uploading this and many more FX and cosplay makeup tutorials there soon!! Do not miss it 😉🎈