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Wowee another makeup tip thing for SPG cosplayers!

(DISCLAIMER I am not an expert. These are suggestions and what works for me.)

So I did one of these a while ago and I think it helped some people out! Here’s some with pictures and stuff.

OKay so I get a lot of messages asking what kind of makeup I use and how to use it ya know. I’m not an expert but SPG is busy! So I’m gonna help with the knowledge I’ve gathered.

So first of all paints. The most important part! So I use Mehron for the metallic parts!

(Okay I use these a lot don’t judge how messy they are okay??) So you can buy it in two different sizes on Amazon or wherever you can find it. (Mixing liquid sold separately from the metallic powder don’t forget.) This stuff is a PAIN to use but it looks so good it’s worth it! I put the metallic powder in a bowl then dip my brush in the mixing liquid. Do not pour the mixing liquid in! If you add too much it’s not as shiny and can burn your eyeballs. Make sure there isn’t any loose powder on the brush too! When mixed it should literally look like melted metal.

Next is water based paints.

(Oh boy aren’t they pretty??) So for copper oxidation I use: Turquoise (which looks like light blue) Teal and white for highlights! You can also throw in some Sea Blue if you’re feeling fancy. For oxidation you want to layer colors (also also put down snazaroo before the metallic colors.) A stipple sponge or a sea sponge will give it that oxidized look.

(Ignore the text ugh) you can get these at Walmart’s craft section and pretty much any craft store. You can get stipple sponges around Halloween time or at a costume store.

Next eyeliners!

My personal favorites! I suggest gel liners because they last longer!

The brands are: SmashBox Always On Gel Liner, Tarte, Maybelline Eyestudio. (My favorite is Maybelline Eyestudio!) NEVER use snazaroo on your eyes. It can get in it and that could be bad! You can use these for your lips too! (Don’t use snazaroo on your lips either ok trust me)

Next is cream paints!

Always use a translucent powder to set your white cream paint! It has to be white or else it’ll have weird tan spots. Also don’t use a brush to apply it, always use a beauty blender or a cosmetic wedge. Dab it on instead of wiping it, It’ll turn out a lot more even! You can set it with a fluffy brush or a powder puff!


So I use a lot of different kinds! I suggest the following for different uses:

Sliver, Copper and Bronze: You’ll need different sizes and stuff for the metallic so I think Flat curved edged brushes and concealer brushes work best!

Snazaroo: for detailing a small thin brush is the way to go! For putting on oxidation a concealer brush will be fine!

Large areas: Foundation brushes! They give a nice even base.

Primer and setting spray!

Primer is very important! It makes your makeup last longer and be easier to take off! You can pretty much find anywhere with makeup! You a kind that works for YOUR skin type!

You can also easily find Setting Spray! Its optional but can be helpful!

Alright I’m done for now! Thank you for your time! ❤

A Bunny

A Bunny

“They call me Starburner, but they don&r…

“They call me Starburner, but they don’t know me none. They say I’m burning up the galaxy”



Photos by Sketchy Drew Photography

Photos by Sketchy Drew Photography

Robot gal

Robot gal

Rebellious teen

Rebellious teen

I love this makeup so much haha! It’s the one I used for…

I love this makeup so much haha! It’s the one I used for the Ballyhoo