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Zenkaikon 2018 – YzmaI had SO much fun cosplay…

Zenkaikon 2018 – Yzma

I had SO much fun cosplaying as Yzma. It was fun to be silly and to have regular people recognize my character! I’m pretty happy with the final makeup too, at least on the face.

I borrowed an airbrush from the lovely @nocturnevulgaire and I’ll have to practice the water/paint ratio to get a better coat next time on the arms, but it did create an interesting marble effect. I’ll call it a happy mistake and see what I can make with it later!

The last image shows the colors I used (I let them hang out on my hand most of the day since I had gloves). All of it was done with Mehron’s Paradise Paints and barrier spray. It stayed on all day, and it came off with very little mess.

A llama?! He’s supposed to be dead!

A llama?! He’s supposed to be dead!

Practicing for Zenkaikon and trying out water based paints. I’ll cover the rest of my skin too for that con, and alter a few of the harsh lines, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it – especially since there was a it of a learning curve the first time I tried!