Easy, Latex Free SFX Cuts Tutorial Another tu…

Easy, Latex Free SFX Cuts Tutorial

Another tutorial for Halloween! This one is for simple cuts using only paint – no latex, wax, or even fake blood. Steps are below the cut to the cut (get it? ‘cuz it’s a… *ducks tomatoes*). I used costume paint from Party City for these, so they should be accessible for all regardless of budget or experience!

Colors needed for cuts : black, red, white, (maybe blue)

1. Draw a line of red and blend it out where you want the cut. 

2. Draw a thin line of red. (You can stop here for a scratch that doesn’t break the skin.)

3. Carefully draw a line of black on one side of the cut. 

4. Get some white on the edge of your brush and dab it along the cut, opposite the black line.

5. Go over the line again with your bright red. If you want, you can extend it to show bleeding. 

That’s it! From there you can experiment with size, color, etc. In the picture below, I started with black on the middle cut and added the red on top (makes it very defined). For the one on my hand, I made the edges less defined and used blue instead of red to create the line from step 2 (it looks more like a rope burn).

Following the same steps also works for larger cuts. 

Steps 1-2 have one difference: Leave a clean, thin outline around the cut instead of blending out the red. This gives the impression of raised skin.

3. Add your black to one side; if your cut is jagged, remember that the black still goes on only one side of those edges.

4. Tap on the black with your finger or use a brush to blend it into the red just a little. Then use a tiny bit of white for highlights.