Venetian Mask Tutorial

Bring the Venice Carnival to Halloween! Tutorial steps under the cut.

Optional Prep: Use primer to even out your skin and help the paint stick where it should.

Step 1: Paint your face and neck white. Make sure you powder between layers. I used a cream paint, so it took quite a few layers to get the color even.

Step 2: Use a brighter color across your eyes, taking up about an inch over your brow and under your eyes. Don’t drag the brush – pat it on. Otherwise you’ll streak the white.

Step 3: Use a darker shade of your color in the middle, across the bridge of your nose, over your brows, and under your eyes. Blend it into the lighter color.

Step 4: Create eye “holes” by painting black around your eyes. Follow the line of your brow and nose as guidelines. 

Step 5: Paint the lighter color along your jaw line over your face, and the darker color under your jawline to define it.

Step 6: Use the reverse side of your brush to create guidelines on your face.

Step 7: Follow your guidelines with metallic gold (or color of your choice). Then outline your eyes with gold; if you have thick brows like mine, taking the gold up into your eyebrows helps disguise them.

Step 8: Paint your lips with the darker color. The shape is important here to get the mask effect: you need to underpaint them, like drawing a heart over your actual lips.

Wrap a scarf around your head, add a fancy hat, and you’re off to the ball!