houkakyou: Pro photos of the costumes we worke…


Pro photos of the costumes we worked so hard on are finally here!! These are our 1880s/90s inspired designs for Melisandre and Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones – we were supposed to have a big group originally, but it fragmented (which is why our characters don’t really go together, oops!).

Both of these are pretty much as historically accurate as we could make them with the time, knowledge, and budget we had. We’re both wearing full sets of undergarments (chemise, split drawers, corset, and in my case several petticoats). 

Melisandre took fifteen yards of velvet and about one hundred hours of work; Brienne took “a lot. just say a lot” of hours, and that bodice is 267 pieces of fabric alone. Many tears were shed in the making of these, and many bad movies were watched. Thank you to @oldgrumpycosplay for all of the moral support!!!

Melisandre – @houkakyou
Brienne – @orisencosplay
Photos – Ethereous Photography