arkadycosplay: “I’m just a little halfing girl…


“I’m just a little halfing girl!…” 

I’m so glad I decided to wear Nott on the last day of WonderCon. 3 body paints for the weekend was tough on my skin, but I really do love being Nott so it was worth it. She’s just such a fun character to embody and it’s really nice not to feel obligated to be pretty or stoic in cosplay for a change. The clothe part of the costume really isn’t done yet – this year has ended up being a difficult one so cosplay has fallen far in my priorities and I wasn’t able to add the details I wanted to to it for this con – but it’s still really comfy to wear and I keep falling more and more in love with the character each week, so I know I’ll have lots of time to add details and evolve her look as the story continues. 

Photos by Robert T Photography